Food rations are developed and supplied with an aim to meet complete daily nutrition needs of individuals in environments where standard food cannot be supplied by common means, for example in natural disasters, war conflicts, etc. Food rations can be also used as part of emergency relief programmes operated by national and regional authorities. In addition to all the forgoing, food rations may be used during recreational and sports activities.

Food ration contains basic food in a composition that covers the daily energy and nutrition needs of an individual exposed to heavy physical and mental load. The food ration components can be combined, if needed, while the total nutrition and caloric value remains unchanged. CFR meets 24 hr individual nutritional need. Due to its variable composition options, CFR may be used repeatedly for up to 30 subsequent days.

United nation system

CFR meets the following quality and technical requirements:

  • all selected food is sensory-suitable and may be eaten both hot and cold
  • variable composition
  • compliance with health and safety standards and guaranteed 24-month shelf life when stored at temperatures from 0° C to 25° C and relative humidity of up to 70 %
  • energy and nutritional values are in accordance with the needs of members of the army during a long-term strenuous physical activity and comply with the requirements for a basic 24-hour food ration in NATO armies
  • simple preparation of meals and drinks
  • resistant to mechanical damage and UV radiation, water resistant
  • suitable for temperate zone; made from fresh, non-frozen ingredients originating in the Czech Republic.

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